Real Guy Discussions – Episode 30

Episode 30:


After taking a week off the fellas sit down to play some video games… EA’s UFC… and talk about the future of the NBA and the state of the World Cup. Also some random back handed statements are made… as usual. But the icing on the cake is the intro and outro… Sliced Bread is Back!!



Real Guy Discussions – Episode 29

The fellas sit down to talk about the Best Action Scenes in movies they have ever seen. They also go on to talk about Man Code and hand shakes, spoiler… that mushy ragu is for them sissy boys.¬† Black Dynamite is talked about for a while you jive turkeys. The guys round up the cast with an E3 recap, all your favorite game and system news.





Real Guy Discussions – Episode 28

Episode 28:


The Guys sit down to talk about the greatness that was getting¬† AOL software, Workouts and Gyms, and Paki being the Ugliest dude in the world. We go on a nice little topic that everyone should be able to relate to, approaching the opposite sex. But our session was cut up into two parts… So enjoy Part 1, Part 2 will be posted next Wednesday! Thanks for the listens guys, hit that like button as well!!