Real Guy Discussions – Episode 33

We have a Two-fer for you guys… The first, the fellas sit down and talk about taking L’s thanks to someone in the group. What are the worst L’s we took and what have been the worst Mutombo Blocks?… We know what I’m talking about.

Also… I have very little memory of the other podcast but it’s us. So Win Win!



Real Guy Discussions – Episode 32

Episode 32:

The guys sit down to first talk about a video of a DUI stop , (link posted), and what they felt about it. They also come together to talk about their experiences with these situations and what they have done. Also NFL Top 10!! The Top 100 just wrapped up and now they give their own Top 10!!

Real Guy Discussions – Episode 31

Episode 31:


The guys sit down to talk about the weekend we had, and the state of Juel – the shmedium shirt herbal pusher… did he survive? We also talk about Transformers and all of the funny ass shit that happened in that movie. Caution, spoilers. We throw in random ass convos too… You know the deal! Please like and share… Add us to your play lists!! We are on IG, Twitter and FB all under RGDPODCAST!! We are on Stitcher and iTunes… easy peasy lemon squeezey.