Real Guy Discussions – Episode 35

Episode 35:

So for some reason our intro/outro wasn’t working but you didn’t come here for the Water and After Dinner check. No! You cam for the god damn Steak, Lobster and Potatoes!! The fellas sit down to talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as Robin Williams and Mike Brown. Lastly, Terry got his ass handed to him in Fifa… Enjoy everyone!!


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Real Guy Discussions – Episode 35

Episode 35:

So the Intor/Outro wasn’t working for some reason but dammit, you don’t come here for the glass of water and after dinner check! You come here for the Steak, Lobster, and Potatoes!! The Guys sit down to talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as the conversation about Mike Brown and Robin Williams. Lastly… Terry got his ass whooped in Fifa. Enjoy everyone!!

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Real Guy Discussions – Episode 33

We have a Two-fer for you guys… The first, the fellas sit down and talk about taking L’s thanks to someone in the group. What are the worst L’s we took and what have been the worst Mutombo Blocks?… We know what I’m talking about.

Also… I have very little memory of the other podcast but it’s us. So Win Win!


Real Guy Discussions – Episode 32

Episode 32:

The guys sit down to first talk about a video of a DUI stop , (link posted), and what they felt about it. They also come together to talk about their experiences with these situations and what they have done. Also NFL Top 10!! The Top 100 just wrapped up and now they give their own Top 10!!

Real Guy Discussions – Episode 31

Episode 31:


The guys sit down to talk about the weekend we had, and the state of Juel – the shmedium shirt herbal pusher… did he survive? We also talk about Transformers and all of the funny ass shit that happened in that movie. Caution, spoilers. We throw in random ass convos too… You know the deal! Please like and share… Add us to your play lists!! We are on IG, Twitter and FB all under RGDPODCAST!! We are on Stitcher and iTunes… easy peasy lemon squeezey.


Real Guy Discussions – Episode 29

The fellas sit down to talk about the Best Action Scenes in movies they have ever seen. They also go on to talk about Man Code and hand shakes, spoiler… that mushy ragu is for them sissy boys.  Black Dynamite is talked about for a while you jive turkeys. The guys round up the cast with an E3 recap, all your favorite game and system news.





Real Guy Discussions – Episode 28

Episode 28:


The Guys sit down to talk about the greatness that was getting  AOL software, Workouts and Gyms, and Paki being the Ugliest dude in the world. We go on a nice little topic that everyone should be able to relate to, approaching the opposite sex. But our session was cut up into two parts… So enjoy Part 1, Part 2 will be posted next Wednesday! Thanks for the listens guys, hit that like button as well!!


Real Guy Discussions – Episode 26

Episode 26:

The guys sit down and talk about friendship… word to Mortal Kombat. The podcast is a day late due to the celebration of a big birthday!! The fellas start off by discussing random theme parks and roller coasters. There is nothing like a good roller coaster… unless you puke on everyone. And then it’s only funny to everyone else except the puker and the puked. They go on to talk about “what ifs” and “what would you do” in friendship and brotherhood. Everyone has had a friend or two that comes in and out of your life, how do you react to it? Hit us up on twitter or facebook @rgdpodcast. We have random and nonsense on IG @rgdpodcast. First  10 messages gets to see high resolution iphone photos of Smittys full ranged penis.