Real Guy Discussions – Episode 25

Episode 25:


The guys sit down and talk about the draft, how teams did, the NBA, and what would you do to save your friends?? Go like us on IG and facebook on @rgdpodcast, follow us on @rgdpodcast on Twitter. The biggest thing you can do to help us is Share!! Share with your friends and family. Thanks guys!



Real Guy Discussions – Episode 23


Episode 23:

Real Guy Discussions sit down and have a very interesting conversation. We started out talking simply about Sports, Sports, and more Sports… It then turned to Racism in Sports on the wake of the LA Clippers scandel. It then turned, interstingly enough to are you African American or just American? The fight and struggle about being identified from another race and possibly identifying yourself. From there it just turned into Random ethnic social issues and we had some interesting and really good discussions.


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Episode 5:


RJ sits down with a Winner! Sarah Woofter is a College Champion, Beast, About to kill a marathon and does everything for everyone else around her… all while having a lot going on with herself. She truly is an inspiration and someone to look up to. Couldn’t wait to get her to sit down on the RGD Podcast to get her story out there!

If you want to contact her, hit up IG @wo2ft3r



RJ’s Goddamn Podcast – Episode 4

Episode: 4

RJ sits down with two health coaches that have flourished within the health industry. We talk about their history and drive, the commitment they have in giving themselves and all of their fitclub members a chance to be Great!!


Contact them on facebook under SacTown FitClub

Instagram: teamrice86 & captain_teamrice